Anonymous asked:

"wwaaahh reverse racism" shutup

babydoll-was-fucked-w-a-knife-d answered:

I never said that, it’s not reverse racism, it’s actual racism , and shut up is two separate words. Go back to kindergarten.









noooo just can’t happen

Yes it can. You’re a racist and bigot for thinking it can’t.

Lmao I’m racist for knowing that reverse racism isn’t a thing?¿ give me some examples of reverse racism please

"Ugh white boys are sooo disgusting"
"Ugh white girls be like "I love Starbucks""

You wouldn’t say
"Ugh black people love to rape" now would you?

It’s all the same.

r u fr like r u serious right now am I being punkd when will the cameras come out


this dumb cracker look like she kill cats for fun would you really expect her to have common sense?

Dumb cracker, really?
You don’t sound cool or hip man you’ve failed sorry :(.

Their url is racistperry….do you expect any intelligence from them?

God fucking damn it. I hate assholes who think there is no racism towards white people, mainly the ones who say racist things about white people. Yes we are a race of people and when you stereotype and bully due to the color of skin whether black, white, etc. that is racism.